NLeSC opens new call for the Humanities&Social Sciences ADAH. See more @ NLeSC, named “Accelerating Scientific Discovery in the Arts and Humanities – Accelerating Scientific Discovery in the Arts and Humanities”

NEWS: The final report on the ePLAN survey on the nationale ICT-infrastructure is now available! Download here (PDF). Or link to the Survey results page.

Four workshops on the national ICT-infrastructure have taken place at NLeSC in Amsterdam, around the topics:

  • Life Sciences&eHealth (19 January 2016)
  • Physics and beyond (25 January 2016)
  • Environment&Sustainability (28 January 2016)
  • Humanities&Social Sciences (20 January 2016)

The results from these workshops can be found under Documents.

NEWS: PLAN-E, the European sister-organization to ePLAN, officially met with R.J. Smits, DG Research&Innovation, during the ESFRI Roadmap Update launch event!

This year’s activities encompass:

  • Writing a White paper on Software Sustainability (in conjunction with the Alliance for Software Sustainability)
  • Exchanging information on national courses, workshops and schools on eScience and Data Research and finding white spots in education
  • Exchanging information on software and tools to enricht the eScience Technology Platform
  • Contribute to the annual national eScience Symposium 2016.
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